fsma SaaS

FSVP Management

Supplier Digitized FSVP records for Importer verification

Free FVSP Importer development procedure

100 % Importer verification for Zero Dollars

Real time Foreign Supplier process step records for importer verification

fsma SaaS

Intuitive format

Knowledge of FSMA not required

Ongoing FSMA compliance


Control & Mitigation measures for food fraud vulnerabilities

  • Level of verification (fsma SaaS provides 100%)
  • Traceability (fsma SaaS – bar code scan)
  • Adequacy of raw material specifications (fsma SaaS – detailed specifications)
  • Availability of methods (fsma SaaS – end to end digitization)
… Nestles

fsma SaaS

Eliminating for importers


Enables for Importers

How it works

Importer receives FSVP Development plan by registering below

Importer requests supplier to digitize records

Supplier-manufacturer uploads process flow chart by registering below

Trained PCQI digitizes supplier process flow chart, Contract PCQI Optional

Supplier completes food safety plan / preventive controls/monitoring download on iPad for production and upload records

Importer signs in and verifies supplier digital records after production

Activity Consulting fsma SaaS Operations
Importer FSVP Development Free
Supplier GMP process flow chart configured electronically in the cloud by independent PCQI starting @ $1000 Paid by supplier directly to PCQI
Supplier first two months with remote training Free
Importer 100% FSVP Verification Free
Supplier end to end paperless Electronic operations serves all importers <100 employees $400 / month


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For Uploading certs
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ISO 22000:2018 Food Safety Manual

Never be out of FSMA and GFSI compliance!

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