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Food Safety is subject to regulatory compliance. Software is the most efficient method to effectively manage compliance. ‘fsma SaaS’ is a food safety software application.
The Principal of ‘fsma SaaS’ spent 15 years in food manufacturing. His involvement was both in production and maintenance management and his experience also included ISO Standards consulting for California state.  The experiences led to the design of food safety software. As a PCQI, his familiarity led to the design of food safety software. The mechanics of ‘fsma SaaS’ operate as a system.

 The ‘fsma SaaS’ application consists of a Cloud and two apps – Shecklist and Sheca.

‘Shecklist’ manages Hazard Analysis and Risk-Based Preventive Controls. The scheduled download is available at each process step from the cloned process.
‘Sheca’ manages the corrective actions at each process step.

The applications employ ISO standard techniques for control. The construct of ‘fsma SaaS’ enables end to end control in one software program. Layered controls and verifications enable compliance.  Operator decisions are limited to either yes or no. The software acts as a manager making logical decisions. After the operator decides yes/no, the software directs the next action. The action follows a controlled process of clauses for regulatory compliance. Paper or more than one software program cannot automate error-proofing. A gap exists if disciplines are not all-inclusive.

                                                                         LOWEST FSMA COMPLIANCE COST

  1. Suppliers and Receiving facilities see the same cloud records
  2. Auto alerts for food safety plan deviation- no riffling through records
  3. Handles information once

                                                                          FASTEST FOOD SAFETY RECORDS

  1.  Auto download and Upload of data
  2. Records from operations delivered in real-time
  3. No documentation backlog
  4. The system manages a 7-day limit for verification.

                                                                         EASIEST REGULATORY

  1. Sets final lot number in the cloud with cloned process
  2. Triggers auto corrective action
  3. Embedded training
  4. Set up for preventive controls and monitoring

The application is a QAI 'Best of the Best' award-winning technology

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ISO 22000:2018 Food Safety Manual

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