About  ‘fsma SaaS’ 

‘fsma SaaS’ partners with the Specialty Food Association for a Cloud based software service, for its supply chain membership and other interested parties. The software service allows the supply chain to sit on a single platform to demonstrate  a risk-based supply-chain program in compliance with 21 CFR part 117, subpart G or part 507, subpart E (21 CFR 1.502(c)(3)).

‘fsma SaaS’ digitally provides end to end Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) compliance for the operations and document verification of the supply chain.  This system provides the framework for the interpretation and control of the legal requirements. The framework allows for the input of data, which manages the BCP hazards in each process step and zones.  Receiving facility verification is completed paperlessly on the platform. The users apply their product(s) food safety requirements into the ‘fsma SaaS’ management system framework.

According to the FDA Guidance for the Industry: ‘Supply-Chain Program Requirements and Co-Manufacturer Supplier Approval and Verification for Human Food and Animal Food’, Suppliers, brand owners, co-manufacturers are required to meet the FDA compliance enforcement date of November 6th 2019.

Fsma SaaS is the lowest cost, fastest and easiest supply chain industry program for meeting FSMA requirements because of its digital single platform.

Lowest Cost
Suppliers, Brand-owners, Co-manufacturers on the same platform minimizes costs:
• Suppliers eliminate costs of paper batch sheet transfer to electronic data base
• Brand-owners see  all their suppliers on the same platform; they do not have to shuffle paper from multiple suppliers.
• Co-manufacturers do not have to work with different supplier documentation formats from multiple brand owners products

• Records delivered in real time – because of Ipad batch sheet in production
• Brand owners and Co-manufacturers will not have backlogs of documents.
• System manages 7 day limit on verification.


• Information to be verified will remain in a specific cloud location.
• Persons from multiple receiving facilities, including importers, distributors and brokers verifies the information with username and password access.
• Lot tracked in real time through the manufacturing process.

The aim of the association is a service for the supply chain to accommodate  each entity for on-going compliance through technology. Users follow the law, without knowing the law. Suppliers, brand owners and co-manufacturers will be compliant.

Groceries trust your food safety practices and your food is unlikely to be recalled. Groceries can then provide you with valuable shelf space for your product, making you a happy camper, as your product becomes successful.

‘How to’ instructions will be available on registration.

ISO 22000:2018 Food Safety Manual

Never be out of FSMA and GFSI compliance!

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