“We strongly encourage the leafy greens industry to adopt traceability best practices and state-of-the-art technologies to help assure quick and easy access to key data elements from farm to fork.”

Scott Gottlieb, FDA Commissioner

Going Green with fsma SaaS cloud

Some form of medium manages the FDA regulations for food safety. FSMA compliance requires more than either simple (e.g excel) software or paper format. Robust SOFTWARE with other features of control is needed.  Controls are safeguards for maintaining FSMA compliance for food safety. 

Controls provide the basis for guaranteeing FSMA compliance. The basis of CONTROL is the measure of efficiency and effectiveness. ‘fsma SaaS’ measures the efficiency and effectiveness. Effectiveness is a measure of preventive controls without violations.  Efficiency is the timely completion of preventive controls.

fsma SaaS Gaurantees On-going FSMA Compliance

So what is FSMA CONTROL?

fsma SaaS’ software cloud is the vehicle for the food safety plan and records.  Preventive controls and corrective actions are the apps at the point of use. The fsma SaaS SOFTWARE maintains the prescribed activities within the law.  The structure and architecture controls are in the technology

Personnel do not need knowledge of the law. If you have to look-up FSMA at every turn,

If you have received a FSMA citation, using software or paper. We can fix it immediately. Place your food safety plan into ‘fsma SaaS’. If you receive a citation – ‘fsma SaaS’ becomes free into perpetuity.  
Such is the confidence of our guarantee for ongoing FSMA compliance.
“Food safety managed efficiently and effectively”.

FSMA Management System

It’s no secret that the  FSMA is the most sweeping set of regulations to hit the food industry, and some of the biggest questions food producers face is what is FSMA compliance and what does it mean? One impact that might be overlooked is documentation for packaging and labels. 

 In a nutshell, FSMA requires food producers to create a Hazard Analysis Plan documenting everything from sanitization processes to the chemicals used in the glue to attach labels to food packaging. In order to comply with FSMA, documentation is key and making that documentation available within 24 hours of an FDA audit/inspection is critical. 

Let Us Maintain Your FSMA Compliance

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