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Annual deaths from confined space amount to the thousands. In many cases the extent of training may be questionable, because if the requirements are followed it is unlikely that the deaths will follow. Therefore there is a need to be assured the legal requirements are followed and non erasable records to prove same.

There are two tablet apps applied to the ‘fsma SaaS’ system.  The apps are applied at each process step point of use for control.  The SaaS apps are native triggered by bar code for control. The two apps are Shecklist and Sheca.


Completes eight (8) of the nine (9) functions combined as a system for food safety.  As a Downloaded from the cloud with date and time stamped records for (117.126), (117.130) (117.135) (117.110)

Triggered from Shecklist – Corrective Actions (117.150) has all FSMA requirements including re-analysis (117.170), Validation (117.160), if due because of re analysis. Containment in the case of Recall (117.139). Drives improvement to facilitate FSMA

Clones product process with only lot number change required. Programs and schedules production, maintenance, pest and sanitation planning. FSMA section 103 includes the preventive controls and stores the records (Subpart F).  Receiving facilities are able to access all records.  The supplier can protect their trade secrets from their receiving facilities.

 The controls built into fsma SaaS to guarantee ongoing compliance are:

Error Proofing : 

Automation :

For a change of documents – neither old or new is accessed until approved

Notification :

Management is informed within 24 hours of incomplete planned activities

Security :

Layered Control :

Verification of food safety plan prior to production, as follows:

The effectiveness of these controls ensures compliance.  Ongoing compliance maintained by electronic checks and balances. “But first, input your accurate food safety plan into ‘fsma SaaS’ “.

Let Us Maintain Your FSMA Compliance

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