‘fsma SaaS’ manages the food safety supply chain for FSMA compliance. The PCQI is the bridge between the Supplier and the Receiving facility. Both entities have PCQI responsibilities. ‘fsma SaaS’ automates the responsibilities through Management by Exception.  The Operator identifies yes/no on the tablet.  The PCQI sees only the variance records.

The technology embeds the legal requirements into a flow. No knowledge of the law needed.
 Receiving facility the supplier operations in real time.
Automatic trigger for seven-day limit for corrective actions.  
The receiving facility views all suppliers in the same format.
Assurance that the supply chain is uninterrupted by citations.  Violations are managed automatically.

The ‘fsma SaaS’ digitalization platform enables management from the source into the supply chain to the product destination. 

Record keeping FSMA Subpart F – how ‘fsma SaaS’ meets it.

An essential requirement for FSMA compliance, which are fulfilled as follows
(a) Be kept as original records, true copies electronic records;
The tablet uploads the results directly from the operator in real time.

(b) Contain the actual values and observations obtained during monitoring and, as appropriate, during verification activities;
The real values are input on the tablet for monitoring.

(c) Be accurate, indelible, and legible;
The information is typed. The operator is not aware of the limits.

(d) Be created concurrently with performance of the activity documented;
Created at the point of use on bar code scan.

(e) Be as detailed as necessary to provide history of work performed;
    HARPC and other information associated with process.

(f) Include:

(1) Information adequate to identify the plant or facility (e.g., the name, and when necessary, the location of the plant or facility);
    Plant and process identified.
(2) The date and, when appropriate, the time of the activity documented;
      Date and time-stamped
(3) The signature or initials of the person performing the activity; and
     Electronic signature – by user name and password
(4) Where appropriate, the identity of the product and the lot code, if any.
    Product and lot code set in the cloud for Tablet download to follow cloned process for said product.